Insulating glass line LB2500A/LB2000A
Power :380V 50Hz 30KW

Air Pressure :0.6~0.8Mpa

Max working Size: 2500×3500mm

Min working Size       280×480mm

Glass washing thickness 3~18mm

Insulating glass thickness: ≤80mm

Transfer Speed :0~50m/min  Washing speed : 2~15m/min

Overall dimension: 24800×2700×3550mm



Overview of equipment performance:

Main performance characteristics of insulating glass production line:

Pure external combination film is stable and efficient

Note: Glass running direction: Facing the equipment glass, enter the film from the right and exit from the left.

The plate press is equipped with linear precision 35 square guide rails and four-corner 4060 square steel linkage devices. It is controlled by Taiwan Airtac. It has the advantages of large and stable power pressure, 18.5KW high-power high-pressure fan, dual frequency conversion and dual motor control of the cleaning machine and the loading section. , High cleaning speed.

The main technical parameters:

1) This machine has the function of producing double-layer, three-layer, four-layer insulating glass and external lamination. It has a large-sized human-machine interface for function selection and control.

2) The main low-voltage electrical components (inverter, PLC, vacuum system, touch screen, etc.) and transmission motors are all imported or domestic brands.

3) The whole machine has two operating modes: automatic and manual. Each section can be operated manually independently, making it easy and simple to use.

4) The production line includes feeding conveyor, cleaning and drying machine, inspection conveyor, aluminum frame assembly machine, laminating flat press, and unloading machine.

5) The feeding conveyor is an inclined vertical structure. The transmission roller is a wear-resistant, acid-alkali-resistant polyurethane roller. With stepless frequency conversion speed regulation, the glass can run smoothly at a suitable speed, and the foot switch can be pneumatically operated and stopped at any time according to the working situation.

6) The cleaning section and the water tank are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials. The transmission rollers are acid and alkali-resistant rubber rollers, and the distance between the transmission rollers is automatically adjusted according to the thickness of the glass.

7) Three pairs of soft-bristled brushes are equipped with high-pressure water sprayers for cleaning, all of which use stainless steel glass doors to facilitate replacement of clogged nozzles.

8) The cleaning and drying section is fast, and the glass can run smoothly at an appropriate speed.

9) There is a pair of inclined air knives in the drying section. According to the thickness of the glass, the front air knives can be adjusted forward and backward, and the heating fan blows out strong wind, which can dry the two surfaces of the glass to be processed. The fan circulates air.

10) The waterway system includes two independent waterway circulation systems, namely the first-level cleaning waterway system and the second-level cleaning waterway system. The glass first passes through the first-level cleaning waterway system and then rinses through the rinsing waterway. The water is drawn out from the water tank by the water pump, sprayed onto the glass surface through the spray water pipe, and after the glass is cleaned by a brush, it flows back to the water tank for recycling. The rinse water tank has a water heating device with temperature control, which can automatically maintain the water temperature. If the water quality is poor, it needs to be equipped with a water treatment device. After the water is treated, it enters the rinse water tank and is recycled according to the above steps.

11) High-speed conveying, when the glass is sent out from the washing and drying machine, the inspection conveyor runs at the first speed, which matches the speed of the washing and drying machine. When the rear edge of the glass passes the photoelectric switch on the right side of the inspection conveyor, the inspection conveyor runs at the second speed , glass accelerates transmission. The two-speed transmission not only improves the production efficiency, but also avoids the accelerated wear of the transmission roller caused by the inconsistent transmission speed at the connection between the inspection conveyor and the washing and drying machine.

12) The aluminum frame assembly machine is equipped with glass positioning and aluminum frame positioning devices, which can complete the functions of glass positioning and aluminum frame positioning and placement. Position the stop by adjusting the glass side. According to the different thickness of glass, the aluminum frame measurement positioning and lower positioning cylinder stroke can be adjusted.

13) Energy-saving intermittent automatic working system: The whole machine adopts an energy-saving intermittent automatic working system to save energy and electricity.

14) Accurate positioning and no misalignment.

15) High pressing accuracy: The operation adopts a two-way linear square guide rail, and the rear panel has an automatic guide and positioning function to fully ensure that the two panels are pressed in parallel. According to the size of the insulating glass panel, it is equipped with a pressure regulating function and a pressure holding time. Adjustable according to glass size.

The main technical parameters:

Processable size: min 450*500mm

                             Max 2500*3500mm

Closing direction: Automatic closing outside the board

Working direction: Facing the device, right to left

Overall dimensions: 24800*1600*3400mm

Power: 18KW

Cleaning speed: 2-10m/min

Fastest working speed: 25m/min (can be increased according to demand)

Single glass thickness: 3-12mm

Insulating glass thickness: ≤40mm

Input voltage: 3p.380V 50HZ

Compressed air: 0.5-1.0Mpa, 1.2m³/min

Water supply: circulating water, 0.5 tons/day, conductivity ≤50μs

Ambient temperature: 10℃-30℃, according to DIN40040

Relative air humidity: ≤75%, according to DIN40040

Total weight: about 6500kg

Complete computer hostAFPX-60PanasonicJapan
Frequency converter for loading sectionMK300PanasonicJapan
Cleaning section frequency converterMK300PanasonicJapan
Transmission section frequency converterMK300PanasonicJapan
Aluminum frame assembly section frequency conversionMK300PanasonicJapan
External joint section frequency converterMK300PanasonicJapan
External cross beam upper and lowerMK300PanasonicJapan
Photoelectric switchE3FAOmronJapan
The electromagnetic valve4V seriesAirTACTaiwan

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