laminated glass production line GYF-2500-6000

Introduction to the main equipment of the production line

 I Technical characteristics of laminated glass production line

 1. The cleaning and drying machine is a key equipment for the entire line. The equipment can adjust the upper rubber roller, brush roller, and

 Wind knife and other lifting devices with digital display. The upper part can be raised as a whole to 400mm for easy cleaning and maintenance. Brush roller


The transmission is separated by an upper and lower motor, with a reasonable transmission speed. Three pairs of brushes, consisting of two pairs in the middle Composed of a hard bristled brush and a pair of soft bristled brushes. Equipped with two pairs of stainless steel air knives, the fan is equipped with sound-absorbing cotton and inlet air filtration Mesh, high air volume, low noise, and good air drying effect.

 2. The lamination room is equipped with a lamination positioning transition platform, a lifting universal wheel frame, a positioning cylinder, a PVB film spreading machine, and a straight

 The vertical walking suction cup machine is very convenient for operating multiple and large pieces for lamination. After positioning each single piece, it will automatically rise It is transported to the front end of the initial press through the transition conveyor section, and then automatically changes speed to run at the same speed as the roller press, which can be very effective

 Make room quickly for the next piece of glass to be laminated.



3. The roller press has a reasonable structure and is easy to operate. The main transmission adopts variable frequency speed regulation and helical gear transmission. Stable operation of the entire machine Reliable, centrally controlled by the lamination room. The limit block adjustment of the upper pressure roller adopts a hard shaft transmission to ensure the clearance between the two shafts Gap consistency.


4. The heating part of convection autoclave adopts electric heating, fan convection and automatic temperature control; Not only does it ensure that each Uniformity of heating section temperature and maximum energy savings; Compared with other old-fashioned production lines in China Up, it can achieve energy savings of over 30%. The first domestic company to combine old-fashioned fans and advanced heating technology. It solves the problems of high energy consumption and uneven temperature in the infrared autoclave caused by the fan. Autoclave tail.All shaft seals are changed into high-pressure convection fans, which reduces the shortcomings of the old autoclave shaft seals that often leak II Technical parameters and characteristics of the main equipment of the production line:

 LOW-E glass cleaning machine:

 II. Technical parameters

 LOW-E glass cleaning machine


1. Purpose 

Mainly used for cleaning flat glass to ensure that the cleaned glass is clean, dry, and meets customer requirements.

 Technical parameters:

 1. Aluminum alloy assembled structure, efficient and energy-saving.

 2. PLC+touch screen system control, simple and easy to understand operation interface, fast automatic adjustment of glass thickness, built-in one button start on this machine

 Dynamic function, combined with wiring, is the best configuration to reduce manpower.

 3. All paint coatings are processed by spray painting, and the cleaned parts that come into contact with water are all made of stainless steel material Build.

 4. The conveyor roller of the entire machine adopts vulcanized rubber fully wrapped rubber (strictly prohibited from contacting acidic liquids), and the diameter of the rubber rod is 76mm.

 5. The upper segment is equipped with a stainless steel water tray, a high-pressure spray system, and a spray pipe that is quickly connected for easy disassembly and cleaning.

 6. The size of the upper stage is 1800mm, the size of the cleaning and air drying section is 2600mm, and the size of the lower stage is 2000mm.


 7. The cleaning area and air drying area are lifted and lowered as a whole, with a maximum lift of 300mm for easy cleaning and maintenance.

 8. The lifting structure adopts a straight axis, making the lifting more stable and greatly improving dimensional accuracy

 9. The cleaning section consists of three pairs of brushesφ 160mm), with one soft bristle brush that can clean LOW-E glass and coated glass

 The hard bristle brushes in the upper cleaning section of the glass are all equipped with cylinders that can be independently lifted. When cleaning LOW-E glass, the hard bristle brushes Increase its speed to the best design.

 10. A pair of specially made aluminum wind blades with strong wind force, designed with two straight and one oblique angles, providing better removal of water droplets on the tail plane of thick plate glass Jia.

 11. The entire fan box is installed on the upper part of the equipment, and the high-pressure fan inlet chamber is equipped with an air filter screen for easy inspection and cleaning Reason.

 12. The main transmission is a helical gear transmission, with variable frequency speed regulation for both conveying and lifting. The brush is independently driven by two sets of motors, the upper and lower Toothed belt transmission, stable speed, and long service life.

 13. The water tank of the cleaning machine is an external water tank, equipped with a movable universal wheel and bottom drainage, which is convenient for cleaning and changing the water tank,

 Check and ensure that the cleaning machine has a better cleaning effect.

 14. Work table height: (900) ± 20 mm

 15. Working power supply: 380V/50Hz

 16. The wind heating power is 6KW.

 17. Water source: Self circulating, tap water (in compliance with domestic water standards) and ionized water (ionized water equipment is provided by the demander).

 18. Machinable minimum glass 300x500mm

 Maximum glass 2500x6000mm

 Thickness 3-21mm

 Note: There may be errors in the detailed dimensions, please refer to the actual product for details

 2. Lamination conveyor:

 2.1 Working principle of positioning machine:

 The glass is cleaned and transported to the positioning machine, which drives the glass to slide and move quickly

 2.2. Configuration and technical parameters

 2.2.1. Main body of the rack: welded and formed profiles.

 2.2.2. Glass transmission method: chrome plated hard shaft sleeve rubber ring (longitudinal).

 2.2.3 Overall dimensions: 3000 × one thousand and three hundred × 850 ± 20mm

 2.2.4. Transmission speed: 0.8-16m/min

 2.2.5. Air source: pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa, flow rate 2.4L/min

 2.2.6. Transmission method: Adopting variable frequency speed regulation and pulley structure.

 3. Lamination positioning machine:

 3.1. Working principle:

 Equipped with a cylinder opening and closing telescopic table, pneumatic control, it is very convenient for glass lamination of different specifications.

 3.2. Configuration and technical parameters

 3.2.1. Main body of the rack: welded and formed profiles.

 3.2.2. Glass transmission method: chrome plated hard shaft sleeve rubber ring.

 3.2.3. Pneumatic lifting universal wheel frame, manually controlled.

 3.2.4 Overall dimensions: 3000 × one thousand and three hundred × 850 ± 20mm

 3.2.5 Transmission power: 1.5Kw

 3.2.6. Transmission speed: 0.8-5.5m/min

 3.2.7. Air source: pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa, flow rate 5.5L/min

 3.2.8. Transmission method: Adopting variable frequency speed regulation and pulley structure.

 4. Laminator:

 1. It consists of a frame, suction cups, cylinders, and transmission.

 2. Walking speed: 8m/min

 3. Maximum suction weight: 900kg

 4. Overall dimensions of the rack: 2460mm x 1660mm

 Glass size: 2650mm x 6000mm

 5. Transmission motor power: 750W

 6. Air source: pressure 0.5~0.8Mpa, flow rate: 6.3L/min

 7. Power supply: maximum vacuum pressure of suction cup -0.08Mpa

 5. PVB film spreading machine

 4.1. Number of loaded membrane drums: 3 rolls.

 4.2. Membrane cylinder displacement method: lifting and replacement.

 4.3. Automatic film release, electric film return, automatic retraction and release of protective film.

 4.4. Overall size: 2450 × four thousand five hundred and twenty × 2000mm.

 4.5. Roller table height: 880mm ± 20mm.

 4.6. Power: 1.11Kw

 4.7. Weight: 980Kg

 6. Glass flat roller press

 Technical parameters of glass flat roller press:

 Purpose and characteristics:

 This equipment is used for continuous production of flat and curved laminated glass and preliminary pressing of multi-layer composite bulletproof glass.

 It can also replace the initial press and hot press in the insulating glass production line. This equipment adopts advanced foreign technology

 The transmission box is made of 10mm steel plate, and the large pressure roller is made of high-temperature resistant, aging resistant, and high-quality rubber.

 The transmission adopts stepless speed regulation, variable frequency speed regulation, and temperature control can be set arbitrarily. The pressure of the rubber roller adopts a large diameter

 Cylinder. According to the thickness and area of the glass, the air pressure is adjusted from 0-0.6Mpa. Between the front and rear pressure rollers

 The gap between can be adjusted separately.


Working principle and structural characteristics:


2Working pressure1.25 MPa
3D temper150℃
4W temper130℃
5Working mediumCompressor Air
6safety valve1.4 MPa
7Power supply380V
8power155KW (size 2.5*6m)
9heatingAutomatic heating, fan uniform temperature
10Heat transfer modeForced convection of fan
11Temperature and pressure control methodsSoftware auto control
12Inner tube meridian2650mm
14Gauge inside900mm
15Internal material:stainless steel


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