Precautions for using glass edging machine

The working mode of straight edge grinding machines (straight edge machines, round edge machines, beveled edge machines) is to clamp the glass with front and rear pressure plates and drive its linear motion for grinding. Two points must be noted during use:


1. The joint surface between the front and rear pressure plates and the guide rail should be lubricated regularly, otherwise it may affect the normal service life of the machine due to premature wear of the front and rear pressure plates and the working surface of the guide rail. Although some models have automatic lubrication devices, it is also necessary to regularly check whether the lubrication pipeline is unobstructed.

2. When clamping glass, the clamping force should be appropriate. If it is too loose, it will affect the grinding quality. If it is too tight, it will increase the machine load and easily cause shaking and crawling. When grinding thin glass, it is also easy to crush the glass. The clamping force can be tested by clamping a slightly larger piece of glass onto the machine. That is, clamp the glass in the middle of the machine, and when the machine is stopped, use both hands to forcefully move the glass. It is appropriate to adjust the clamping force to just enough that both hands cannot move it.